Laundromat Allure

Shot at All Wet Laundry in Brightmoor, Detroit.


Model: Veronica Washington

MUA: Piper Hall

Hair Stylist: Antonio Fernandez

Stylist: China Styles

Nightmare on Fenkell Ave

Shot in and outside my studio in Brightmoor,  Detroit.


Model: Rosa Mia Tavanese

MUA: Laurie Yawson

Hair Horns By: Michael David

Stylist: Amber Nicole

Assistant Stylist:  Hykyra Caldwell

We are the wild things

Shot in Brightmoor, Detroit.


Model: Bria Larine

Hair Wig by: @koflevelk

MUA: @thedollfacer

Stylist: Amber Nicole


Model: Joel Geeter

Temp. Hair Color by: DeAndre Dean

Stylist: DeAndre Dean

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